King Saha to swear in as UMA president

Musician King Saha has vowed to swear himself in as the new leader of UMA. This follows the suspension of the UMA elections that were supposed to be held in June.

The Ministry of Gender halted them saying that a number of irregularities arose.

Saha now says that he and his fellow musicians are organizing a day for him to swear in.

“I am going to announce the day I will be swearing in. I am the president-elect. I have no more time to waste,” King Saha said.

However, UMA has said that what Saha is planning to do is legally wrong. This is because its only the commission that swears in someone who has successfully won the election.

However, the chairman of the UMA Electoral Commission, Jeff Ekongot said that he sympathizes with Saha because these artists put in a lot of resources into this exercise.

“I heard about Saha wanting to swear himself in but according to the Electoral laws, that is wrong. He has to be sworn in by the electoral Commission after winning the election. I can’t blame him however so much because these artists are tired. They put in a lot of their resources only to be turned down on the last day. So some of them have become frustrated. The Ministry is also yet to release the funds they promised us,” said Jeff Ekongot.

Written by Aine Siggy

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