Music-less Dax Vibez shows off multimillion mansion (video

It seems the family of Bobi Wine is really good at hustling and the struggle. The family of the famous music brothers have taken to parading off swanky lavish mansions.

The latest to parade off a mansion is the youngest brother to Bobi Wine, Dax Vibes. The young singer who barely has any musical success to certify this mansion said that its hustle.

According to the Until I met u singer, its the hustle and prayers that have seen him put up such a home. He added that he’s still looking towards setting up another big building.

He follows the likes of Mickie Wine, Bobi Wine, Eddy Yawe and Banjoman who all have lavish homes and big buildings in and around Kampala.

For Bobi Wine and Eddie Yawe, their homes and other buildings can’t be questioned because their musical success speaks volumes.

However, Mickie Wine, Banjoman and now Dax Vibes have heard people talking about their source of wealth since their music careers are just defunct.

Written by Aine Siggy

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