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Lydia Jazmine vows not to stop posting half nak2d photos

Musician Lydia Jasmine is well known for spending more time infront of cameras than in studio. She enjoys posing for photoshoots. Her saucy pictures always attract attention online.

Speaking in an interview with a local television about her love for dressing up for photoshoots, Jasmine explained this activity fulfills her soul.

She remarked that she can’t follow the rules of her fans who are always demanding new music. She only releases songs at her own pace.

She further asked haters to give her some breathing space .

“I have to enjoy my life the way I want. I take photos because that’s what i love.I release music depending on my timeline. I don’t entertain pressure from my fans, ” she said.

Jasmine has been in the industry for almost ten years but she is one of the most underrated female musicians.

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