Married people shouldn’t be on social media- Susan Makula

Susan Makula the mistress to Pr Aloysious Bugingo has come out to question what role married people have on social media. It seems according to her, the platforms are for single people searching for each other.

Therefore married people should stay off these platforms according to Makula. Further, she said that when used wrongly, these platforms can harm a society.

“The platforms are okay to use but the problem comes when people use them wrongly. Some people use them for good while other people use them for evil. I don’t know why a married person would be on those platforms. You are searching no more,” said Makula.

Furthermore, Makula also talked about all the people out there that talk ill about her. She said that she knows how many these are. However, she learned to ignore them as they aren’t so important to her.

Besides, Makula also expressed her love for secular music. She said that her favorite song is Mesach Ssemakula’s Onkuba song. This is due to the fact that no relationship can survive without admiration and therefore for her, her man Bugingo is her admiration.

Makula said all this while appearing on Spark TV alongside Pastor Aloysious Bugingo. Bugingo when asked how Makula inspires her said that she’s a great thinker.

Written by Aine Siggy

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