Forget about politics, Balaam Barugahala names Bobi Wine as his favorite artist

Balaam Barugahare names Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool as his best artists

Balaam Barugahara is a man of controversy. He is always willing to go the extra mile to protect his party NRM regardless of what he has to do.

Balaam always praises whoever shows love for NRM and President Museveni.

However, the National Unity Platform(NUP) Bobi Wine often receives compliments from the event’s promoter without necessarily supporting Sevo.

In his latest post on Facebook, Balaam disclosed that Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are his favorite artists of all time.

“Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool are my favorite artists of all time,” he posted on social media.

This came after he was attacked by Bobi Wine’s NUP supporters in Canada.

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