It was me who chased Congolese music from Uganda- Raga Dee

Veteran musician Raga Dee has come out to trash Leone Island boss Dr Jose Chameleone’s claims that it was him who chased Congolese music from Uganda.

According to Jjaja Raga Dee it was his efforts that started to popularize Uganda music at a time Congolese musicians had the biggest airplay in the country and the Continent at large.

He added that Chameleone and the likes just enjoyed the fruits of his hustle and should therefore stop bragging.

 “I fought Congolese music. It was too dominant. The Chameleone and the group just enjoyed the fruits. He should stop bragging that he chased Congolese out of Uganda,” Ragga Dee said. 

Raga Dee has been around the music scene for more than two decades as he started singing around the early 90’s. Chameleone on the other hand hit the scene around the late 90’s.

The Valu Valu singer however as he’s known for his bragging rights has always claimed how he single handedly chased Congolese music from Uganda.

Written by Aine Siggy

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