DJ Jacob Omutuze implicated in Spice Diana’s murder case

Dembe FM presenter DJ Jacob Omutuze has been implicated in the murder case that involves singer Spice Diana. A few weeks ago the singer was in the news after a one Henry Nsamba was killed in her home.

Reports indicated that Nsamba was a thief killed by locals. However, since then there have been contradictory reports about this murder.

One of Nsamba’s siblings a one Ketrah however says that she has a voice note from Dembe FM presenter Jacob Omutuzze showing that Spice Diana knows something about this death.

She said that Jacob who is her leader in Bunamwaya division where she serves as a youth councilor told her that Spice Diana and Nsamba were part of his campaign trail. This only shows that the Onsanula singer and the late personally knew each other trashing allegations that he was a thug.

Furthermore, Ketrah also said that Jacob told her how Spice had showed him a video of Nsamba in the house.

They therefore want clear answers about all these allegations. Ketrah said that she was going to release a voice note of DJ Jacob telling her all this.

Further, Ketrah also said that one of Spice Diana’s friends called Koko promoter at the funeral said that the singer was open to negotiations. The family wonders what they have to talk about after their sibling being killed gruesomely.

“We are so disappointed with how investigations are going with Police. We had gone to check how far these had gone but we are so disappointed. Almost a month and all they say is they are still collecting data.

Can you imagine after the death we went to the scene but not even a brick was there to prove the mob justice claims. I took the bravery and checked my brother’s body and he only had a wound on the head, arm and broken legs.

I also have evidence of a voice vote sent to me by DJ Jacob Omutuze. Jacob said that he had seen my brother and Spice together during his campaigns. He also said that Spice showed him footage of my brother in her house prior to his death. At the burial, one of her friends also said that she wanted to speak with us. I wonder what there is to speak about our dead brother. Justice must prevail by all means,” Ketrah said.

Police released all Spice Diana’s affiliates that were arrested in regards to the murder. Spice Diana was then summoned by Police to record a statement.

She’s however never publicly come out to address this saga.

Written by Aine Siggy

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