Lydia Jazmine talks about her ex manager Ronnie Mulindwa begging for her sumbie

There is no doubt about the absolute sexiness and beauty of songstress Lydia Jazmine. She’s an absolute bombshell that every man would surely love to bed.

It’s no wonder that a lot of men have been linked to her especially those in the limelight such as Eddy Kenzo, Fik Fameica, Grenade Official, Rabadaba among others.

These however have all turned out to be rumors. Recently Jazmine bitterly parted ways with her ex manager Ronnie Mulindwa.

Allegations started circulating on why these two terminated their working relationship. Some speculated that Ronnie was tempted to beg Jazmine for her beans.

The Kapeesa singer however refuted this. She said that it’s not true and she also doesn’t talk about her management issues.

Further, Jamzine was also asked why she doesn’t get a man and finally settle down since she’s financially stable.

The singer said that having a relationship is not something she’s thinking of for now. She added that she might even not get a man and stay single forever.

“Its not true that Ronnie asked for my sumbie. That’s absolutely wrong and baseless. I however don’t talk about my management for the time I have had managers.

For a relationship, its not something that I’m so much interested in right now. I’m not even looking towards it and maybe I might even stay single forever but God knows,” she said.

Jazmine also maintained that she still has her Mercedes Benz car that Ronnie gifted her last year as she celebrated her 31st birthday.

The singer added that this was bought out of her money. The only surprise was that she didn’t expect it on her birthday.

She in fact still has the car and people mistake hers for Ronnie Mulindwa’s as they have the same type of car a Mercedes Benz ML.

Meanwhile the singer today celebrates her 32nd birthday.

Written by Aine Siggy

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