I don’t care about my daughter living a boyish lifestyle- says Azawi’s mum

The mother of celebrated songstress Priscilla Zawedde alias Azawi has come out to the defense of her daughter’s lifestyle.

The My Year singer lives a very boyish lifestyle yet she’s one of the best female singers. Her dresscode, lack of make up and most things are more masculine than feminine about her.

And whereas some people find a problem about it, the singer’s mother sees no fuss about it.

While attending Azawi’s maiden concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval last weekend, she said that as long as her daughter is happy, its all that matters. The rest she doesn’t want to know.

“I’m proud of my daughter and who she has become. She has always loved to live, dress and act like a boy. She even had dreadlocks as she likes rasta things but Swangz Avenue made her cut them off.

She just doesn’t like things of dressing in skimpy outfits and making up. I’m okay with her living that boyish lifestyle than pretending to be someone she is not,” said Azawi’s mother.

Whispers have even started emanating about Azawi’s sexual preferences. Some people speculate that she might be gay because of the way she behaves more boyish than girlish.

However, it could be that she’s just a tomboy but whatever it is, it’s her lifestyle and she can do whatever she wants with it.

Written by Aine Siggy

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