Is Lydia Jazmine and Eddy Kenzo in love again?

Singer Eddy Kenzo and songstress Lydia Jazmine look to be in love again.

Eddy Kenzo was rumored to be dating Lydia Jazmine in 2018 when he was still married to the mother of his daughter Rema Namakula.

Some people say Lydia Jazmine is one of the reasons why Eddy Kenzo’s marriage didn’t work out because she was always coming in between them.

Yesterday Lydia Jazmine was celebrating her birthday and Eddy Kenzo was one of the artists that was invited at the party.

When Eddy Kenzo was asked how he feels about Jazmine, he hailed her saying she is beautiful and well behaved and she is one of the artists with good, kind heart.

“Lydia Jazmine is a beautiful girl everyone knows that and on top of beauty she has a good and Kind heart. I have seen hee b their for different artists in sadness and happiness and i think that is a good thing,” Eddy Kenzo said

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