Weasel thumps baby mama to near death

Musician Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has allegedly thumped Sandra Teta one of his baby mamas to near death.

News reaching in indicates that whenever Weasel takes cocaine, alcohol and weed, he becomes so violent and it’s Teta that faces the effects of this toxic cocktail of drugs

It’s said that Weasel last week downed on her and beat her up to an extent of her losing consciousness.

Weasel further beat up Teta till she became blue-black today. The reason given by the Goodlyf singer is that Sandra comes back home late from her hustle of hosting bar theme nights.

According to Sandra, Weasel no longer gives her anything. Not even giving her money to buy knickers or pads.

He also doesn’t even fully take care of home needs. The singer says that he’s broke and doesn’t have the money.

Teta therefore tries all avenues she can so that the family needs are met. At the moment hosting bar theme nights is what is available to her.

However, whenever she gets back home, she finds Weasel intoxicated and violent. The singer then resorts to beating her up mercilessly.

The Ebyana singer today morning drove his two kids he shares with Teta and took them to Nomads bar along Gaba road.

He then dumped them at the gate and said that Sandra should look after them from the bar since he was told her that she passed by this bar after hosting her night in a bar in Ntinda.

Weasel did all this after kicking, punching and inflicting all sorts of physical pain on Sandra. She’s currently nursing severe wounds and looks like she will need assistance from domestic violence workers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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