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Video: Ofwono Opondo beats up Erias Lukwago in NBS studios

Just imagine a whole leader and spokesperson of the ruling party acting like a gangster and uncivilized barbarian.

This was the case with NRM spokesperson Ofwono Opondo in NBS TV studios during the Frontline program.

Opondo almost exchanged blows with the Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago. The disagreement arose over the Soroti by election.

This was dubiously won by NRM’s Herbert Ariko. Lukwago pointed out the illegalities under which the NRM won the election.

He was only told to shut up by Opondo. The NRM spokesperson further threatened to push Lukwago out of studio.

This scuffle soon got out of hand forcing the producer to suspend the show. It returned after 20 minutes after adverts.

Doors were heard banging in the background after the show returned as Lukwago was excluded from returning to the show.

There was a heavy deployment around the NBS studios in a bid to arrest Lukwago who Opondo had threatened to shoot.

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