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‘Laba namamonde’! Zari the Boss lady and Bad Black laugh at Rita Kagwa’s looks after spending 5 years in UK

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zaria the Boss lady and Bad Black have the last laugh at social media blogger Rita Kagwa.

Ritah Kagwa got married to a Nigerian man and the two moved to United Kingdom.

But being a social media blogger, Rita Kagwa has always been active on matters taking place in Uganda something that has made it look like she stays around.

Another thing Bad Black and Zari have had beef with Rita Kagwa for along time as they have been attacking each other on social media especially Snapchat.

Yesterday Rita Kagwa landed into Uganda with her family after 5 years and her looks with the dress code wasn’t pleasing.

Zari and Bad Black attacked her Zari saying she looks like a sweet potato ‘Namamonde’.

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