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Phina Mugerwa advises schools to always choose appropriate artists for their students

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) general secretary Phina Mugerwa has advised schools to always choose appropriate artists to entertain their students.

This came after one artists went to perform at a school indecently dressed something that triggered Ministry of Education and Sports to ban all other artists from performing in schools.

According to Phina, the artist did bad to dress indecently knowing she ks going to perform in front of students who are young.

She went ahead to blame the schools too because they know how artists dress and behave so they shouldn’t have allowed a certain artist to come and perform.

“I know the artist did a mistake to dress the way she dressed but my question is where was the school stuff? Why did they choose her to come and perform knowing she behaves that way? I think schools should start looking for proper artists to entertain their students,” Phina said.

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