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Sheila Gashumba and MC Kats request Weasle’s family to seek for him mental help

Struggling musician Weasel is well known in the music circles as violent. He has a record of beating all the women he has slept with.

He is currently under fire from feminists for pounding his baby mama, Sandra Teta and abusing his kids. Many are calling upon the police to arrest him.

Celebrated media personality, Mc Kats believes Weasel is struggling mentally and needs urgent help.
He called upon his brothers, Chameleone and Pallaso to assist him before it is too late.

Mc Kats used himself as the example that when he was mentally ill, his friends had to check him into a rehabilitation center for some months. This helped him to put his life back together.

“In life, we all get messed up but the worst part of it is that we hurt those that love us. Was so quiet about this because I have been through a similar road but we need to help Weasel or else it will go out of hand as we sit back and watch,” he posted tagging Pallaso and Chameleone.

Over time, Weasel had won sympathy from the public, many believing he is still traumatized by the death of Mowzey Radio his singing partner for over ten years.

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