I’m better than Zari because I’m not a wh0re- Ritah Kaggwa blasts Zari Hassan

It looks like another online cold war has erupted between socialite, Zari Hassan and social media blogger, Ritah Kaggwa.

It should be recalled that Ritah touched down at Entebbe Airport earlier this week. She posted a number of pictures which her long time nemesis Bad Black took delight in mocking.

She was joined by her friend Zari Hassan who also laughed at Ritah’s appearance. Zari said that all hater always look so bad than the people they hate.

She added that Ritah looks like a ‘namamonde and elephant.’

These words weren’t taken lightly by Ritah who fired back at Zari while appearing on Sanyuka TV’s Uncut. Ritah said that she should never at any one point be compared to Zari.

This is because she’s a well respected and self made woman unlike Zari who has had to sleep around with lots of men to acquire whatever wealth she has.

The social media blogger further blasted Zari for being a school dropout yet for her she’s got lots of degrees. Plus she’s also married and has never undergone several surgeries to look beautiful.

“I really don’t have time for such fake people because I have never slept with anyone to acquire my wealth. I have worked for everything that I own and didn’t inherit from anyone.

Why would I even compare myself to a school dropout? I have two degrees a masters and PhD. I’m a 40 year old married woman with 4 kids. I have also never bleached or undergone surgery in order to look good. I’m just natural so I really don’t have time for her,”Ritah said.

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