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My daughter Nwagi is a very humble girl- Winnie Nwagi’s father defends her dress code

The father of Swangz Avenue artiste Winnie Nwagi has defended her dress code while in public.

This came after Winnie Nwagi was chased away from The Ministry of Internal Affairs few days ago because of the attire she was putting on.

According to Nwagi’s father Ministry of internal Affairs did bad to chase her because if it was an European they wouldn’t have chased her.

He added on that Winnie Nwagi is a very humble girl a good mother and a nice person.

“If it was a European who had dressed like Nwagi, would she be bounced?? Winnie Nwagi copies somethings from Europeans whenever she goes there and she has to bring them to Uganda, when she buys like a dress or Jean she has to wear it from here because it’s the generation of her age, she’s a humble girl, a mother and a well behaved one so those who always say she’s indisciplined I didn’t know what you mean” he says..

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