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Nina Roz offers to help troubled Weasel quit drugs

Musician Nina Roz stopped using narcotics and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ last year. She is now a born-again Christian.

Speaking about Weasel’s violent character, Nina Roz attributed it to drug use and addiction. She explained the two are friends, and she speaks out of experience.

She vowed to help Weasel to quit and focus on his music.

“Drugs can ruin you and everything good in your life. If you don’t have a support system around you, drugs can end your career. I am Weasel’s friend and I will do my best to restrain him from them,” she said during a performance at one of the night spots around town.

Early this year, Nina Roz checked into a rehabilitation center and turned her life around. She spends most of her time at church spreading the gospel.

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