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Get Mowzey Radio Out of Your Drama — Radio’s Sister to Daniella

Radio Mowzey’s sister commonly referred to as Miss Fatty has warned Daniella Atim against dragging Mowzey’s name in Weasel’s domestic violence saga.

Through a post, Fatty said she wasn’t happy that Daniella mentioned Mowzey’s death in a post. Daniella warned Weasel that he might meet the same fate if he doesn’t change his ways.

“Well Moses isn’t here to defend himself but his family will. I don’t see how murder is connected to beating up women. It’s like saying someone who was raped called for it. Madam before putting up things you should have known that Moses’ family is still in pain. Need I remind you that Moses himself used to involve in helping those girls when they were being beaten? Need I remind you that at some point Weasel attempted to beat me?” she posted.

“Well, that’s not an issue. Thing is, Moses wasn’t raised to beat up women. I think it’s best you put family issues off social media, thanks,” she concluded.

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