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Video: Kizz Daniel almost chews Ugandan girl on stage

Forget about Adekunle Gold who shied away from Ugandan girls during his concert Lugogo Cricket Oval probably because his wife Simi was watching from afar, another Nigerian singer showed off his insatiable appetite for Ugandan girls.

Just like Chike who was here a while ago and fingered NTV presenter Etania on stage, Kizz Daniel also almost chewed a Ugandan girl on stage.

The No Wahala singer all along had been salivating watching this girl shake her nyash on stage.

She then rubbed it on the singer’s ‘Womborombo womborombo’ till he couldn’t take it anymore.

Kizz Daniel decided to feel her the more and even lifted her off the ground and since she was in a short skimpy skirt, his fingers might have slid somewhere in her interlacustrine region.

This all drew cheers from the public and Kizz Daniel handed her to one of his bouncers probably as an after meal once the concert was done.

Watch video below:

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