Omg- Lydia Jazmine goes 18+ with fan on stage(video)

Which male fan wouldn’t love songstress Lydia Jazmine to dare them s3xually on stage?

The singer is absolutely gorgeous and a real bombshell that every man would just love to come close to.

So just imagine if she’s the one that begged you for it, wouldn’t you just chew her to pieces?

This was the case for this male fan at the recent SMACK league ceremony a few days ago.

The Kapeesa singer dressed in a skimpy outfit dared this fan by parading and surrendering all her goodies to him.

The fan wasn’t sure on what to do at first. She then wondered if he’s shy. It was at this moment that he lost his shyness and grabbed the songstress.

He even did all the dirty things he had in his head to her and she seemed to enjoy it.

It’s probably a day that he will never forget.

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