VIdeo: Kyambogo University student leader leaks own n#des

A Kyambogo University student known as Nasasira Jennet has decided not to be left out by the University student syndrome of leaking their own n#des and s3xtapes.

This bummy babe decided to unvirgin the month of August. One of her videos shows her in undergarments just while jamming to one of Winnie Nwagi’s songs.

Another video shows her completely nekkid touching herself in the most exogenous zones.

In some of the pics, she’s seen squeezing her big milf melons.

Its not yet clear whether its her who leaked these videos in search of attention or if its the case as majority others, leaking by jilted lovers or hacking.

However what is clear, is that this babe is soupy and a seeming descendant of Murchison falls.

At some instance she’s even seen dancing nekkid in front of her female friend.

Below is the link for the videos and photos.

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