Video: Gravity Omutujju endorses Weasel’s domestic violence

Rapper Gravity Omutujju has shockingly come out to shock the public after he expressed his support towards fellow singer Weasel Manizo for ferociously thumping his baby mama and girlfriend, Sandra Teta.

The Goodlyf singer has been in the news for battering his wife in a practice that has been ongoing for quite some time.

And according to Gravity, its very joyous to thump up women. It in fact gives him immeasurable joy to see someone writhing in agony because of him beating them up.

And for the Tusimbudde singer, he’s a much worse brutal animal when it comes to beating women.

This has left people infuriated over such reckless comments. Although others tried to excuse him that he was just being sarcastic, others didn’t like the idea of joking over such a sensitive issue.

In fact calls to boycott his upcoming Tusimbudde Ani alina Enene show on the 1st of October at Lugogo Cricket Oval especially by women have already began.

Sandra Teta meanwhile together with her two kids managed to move back to Rwanda with her parents as per the Rwanda embassy.

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