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Kato Lubwama asks media to stop putting down Sheebah

Comedian Kato Lubwama has added his voice to the current discussion about indecent dressing among female celebrities in Uganda.

Lubwama says it is not right for an artiste to turn up for a school event dressed in a skimpy dress or skirt, but she can put on whatever she feels like outside the school environment.

“We need to allow them to express themselves. We police them like they are children. Musicians should be allowed to live the life they want,” he says.

Adding that, “I think this whole thing was started as a smear campaign to fight Sheebah. Someone is using the media to taint her image, but I encourage her to continue dressing up the way she does, ” Lubwama concludes.

She was recently accused by parents and social media inlaws of dressing inappropriately while performing in front of children.

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