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Eddy Kenzo asks Ugandan musicians to be patient with Nigerian artistes

Eddy Kenzo regards himself as one of Uganda’s biggest music exports. The singer has, however, not been able to penetrate the global market as the Nigerian stars.

But that has not stopped him from dreaming.

In an interview, Kenzo noted that Ugandan musicians are hard workers, and soon they will surpass Nigerians.

He said the Nigerians are trending because it is their season.

“They are trending in the whole world because that’s how their music is performing. It’s just their season, and we shall also get ours. Even Congolese and Jamaicans dominated our airways years back but they are no more,” he said.

“Nigerians invest so much money in their music and promotion. They have agents here and they pay deejays to play their music,” he added

He said Nigerian artists deserve the exorbitant money they are paid because they invest heavily in their careers.

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