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Weasel beating up his wife is ashaming his mother – Sheebah

Musician Sheebah Karungi is disappointed with a musician for beating the mother of his child, Sandra Teta.

Speaking about Weasel’s actions, Sheebah asserted that anyone who thumps a woman doesn’t deserve to be regarded as a man by the public.

“I wish men can understand that every time they beat up women, they are shaming their mothers. How do you demand respect yet you beat up a woman ? ” she said in an interview with local television.

The singer also asked women to always quit abusive relationships.

“Women should learn to leave abusive relationships. Sandra Teta continued to stay at Weasel’s place even after all the beatings. We need to learn to move on from such partners,” she stated.

Musician Weasel continues to pretend that he has never laid his hands on his lover.

Sandra Teta recently left the country back to Rwanda.

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