Selina allegedly placed on a suicide watch after ex leaks n#des

Word coming in indicates how MUBS student Michelle Selina popularly known by her social media page names Life of Selina has been placed on a suicide watch.

This is after her n#des leaked this week. A number of videos of Selina found their way to the media and these deserve a place in some of the best 18+ content to ever leak in the pearl of Africa.

Selina at first revealed how someone had hacked her phone and into her Snapchat account thus leaking the s3x videos.

“My account snapchat was hacked and the videos were released, am trying to recover it. whoever did this to me …hope you are happy now,” she tweeted

A close friend to Selina said that she’s currently emotionally damaged after her parents who had a lot of hopes in her saw the videos.

He added how they are keeping close tabs on her in fear that she might harm herself.

This friend added that Selina recorded the leaked videos some time ago and they don’t reflect who she is now.

“She made those the videos long time ago people change, some one exposed her bambi she’s in big trouble her parents have seen the Videos I even don’t think she mentally okay now coz she was deleting statuses,” a friend of Selina said.

Sources have it that the nudes were leaked by by her ex boyfriend.

Its said that Selina’s family jailed this boyfriend of hers on rape allegations. On returning back, he decided to revenge by leaking her nudes.

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