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VIDEO: Mr Henrie reveals shocking secret about ex, Prima Kardashi

It seems like once the love is gone between lovers, all that remains is trashing and stinging each other between lovers.

After parting ways, Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie and socialite Prima Kardashi have continued to subtly sting each other.

The latest now is from Mr Henrie who revealed a shocking secret about Prima.

While appearing on Galaxy FM’s concert, ZzinaSosh, Henrie said that bleached women are not sweet in bed.

“But where is the lie, a woman who bleached a lot is not sweet at all in bed, isn’t it true,” Mr Henrie questioned the revellers.

It’s no secret that his ex Prima Kardashi swam in a pool of bleaching chemicals.

She’s not afraid to reveal that she’s a bleacher as she even deals in bleaching cosmetics.

It’s not clear whether Henrie’s submission is actually true or if he was just being sarcastic and trying to sting Prima.

This would also be a question to all the men who have dated bleached women to certify if the bleaching does interfere with a person’s s3xual abilities.

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