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WAR ON: King Saha says Bebe Cool is a witch

The beef between musicians Bebe Cool and King Saha continues to grow day by day.

King Saha is not about to cease fire. He often attacks the Gagamel boss on social media without remorse.

A few months ago, he released a song dubbed ‘Zakayo’ attaching Bebe Cool. He advised Bebe Cool to take life easy and stop meddling in his affairs.

In his latest outburst, King Saha branded Bebe Cool a witch.

While performing at Rolex Festival on Sunday evening at Cricket Oval, King Saha claimed that Bebe Cool practices witchcraft. He alleged that he uses African chemistry (Juju) to pull other artists down.

“Bebe Cool is a witch. He wants to pull everyone down because of his greed,” King Saha said.

By press time, Bebe Cool had not yet commented on the matter. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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