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Kapa Cat asks Ministry of Education to stop dictating artiste’s dress code

A month ago, the Ministry of Education banned artists from performing in schools over their indecent dress code.

“The Ministry of Education is the custodian of the values and behavior of the children while at school, whether these schools are government or private…schools are cautioned not to hire or allow any of these artistes to perform in schools,” an excerpt from circular issued by the Ministry of Education on August 1, 2022 read.

Many musicians disagreed and asked the ministry to reconsider its position on the issue but no official communication has been made yet.

Musician Kapa Cat, who is known for wearing skimpy outfits has told the Ministry to stop ordering artists on what to put on.

“I hate it when they tell me what to wear. They should stop dictating artists’ dress code,” Kapa Cat said while performing at Rolex Festival that took place at Cricket Oval.

The artists are not yet certain when they will be allowed to perform again in schools.

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