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Video: MC Kats and Fille appear lovey-dovey after former blasting mother-in-law

Just two days after blasting his mother in-law who many believed was Fille Mutoni’s mother, MC Kats has appeared in a video all looking lovey-dovey with the singer.

The pair seated in a car jammed to Fille’s song alongside Voltage Music known as Squeeze.

Kats proceeded o
To caption the video with a “True Love wins, Family I love You My people.”

The other person in the car with Fille and Kats is unknown and maybe could be the singer’s mother or simply a friend.

However, the trio can be seen exchanging pecks.

This comes after a video this week showed Kats at one of his numerous mother’s inlaw’s place.

The NBS After 5 presenter was seen pleading with the mother inlaw to hand over his kid but to no avail.

Kats proceeded to blast her by telling her how he’s the one who built the house she’s living in. He added that he’s so big because he chills with the likes of President Museveni a thing the mother inlaw only dreams about.

Kats then threatens to sue the mother inlaw adding that he’s never asked her to look after his kid because she failed to look after her own daughter.

Many interpreted this as Fille’s mother being the one roasted by the MC although it wasn’t confirmed as such.

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