You are witches – Rema on why she no longer posts hubby

Musician Rema Namakula has expressed her bitterness towards some Ugandans for being bad-hearted.

When she was asked by a local YouTuber why she no longer posts her hubby, Rema explained that most Ugandans don’t wish her well.

She stopped parading her love life on social media because her happiness didn’t bring joy to her followers as she had wished.

“When I discovered that Ugandans are evil-hearted, I stopped showing them what makes me happy. At first, I thought if you are happy, you should just feel free. Let it all out because it’s normal but I realized it is not okay with some people,” she explained.

Rema Namakula slowed down on posting on social media after many of her followers commented that her relationship was destined to end in premium tears.

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