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Doreen Nyanjura slowly giving in to MP David Kabanda’s advances

It seems like Kampala Deputy lord mayor Doreen Nyanjura is slowly giving in to Kasambya County South MP Hon David Kabanda’s love advances.

It should be recalled that a while ago Kabanda expressed his interest and love for Doreen Nyanjura.

Doreen however replied that being loved by Kabanda is what they term as being loved by the wrong person.

This is because they are all in rival political camps and there is no way she can allow to be with the MP.

Kabanda seems to have changed strategy and is relentless in his pursuit of the young sexy politician.

The MP took to his Twitter page and posted a meme that showed a kid begging for a fellow kids hand to hold.

He then captioned it that it’s him and Doreen.

Again Doreen was in the comment section but with a less fierce reply. She said that at least now he wasn’t putting on yellow attires.

Meaning that they could be destined for something big in future if he puts his political nature aside in favor of her.

Of course social media users were up in the comment section too.

Some told the legislator that he won’t chew unless he joins the struggle while others told him that wil eventually chew of he persists.

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