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Fik Fameica calls out fans to support him in huge numbers today

Artists are always stressed after announcing their concert dates but it’s a different story for Fik Fameika who believes he has the numbers.

Fik Fameika who has released countless hit songs since his breakthrough in 2017 is not scared of a flop.

Speaking in an interview with local television, Fameika explained he has the music and his fans have waited for a long for a show.

“I am not under pressure because my fans have always demanded this and they have been patient for over two years,” he confidently said.

“Why would it be a flop? I have performed across the nation for promoters and no one has ever registered a loss, meaning the fans love me and my music. I urge every fan of Fik Fameica and all music-loving people to turn up at Hotel Africana for an experience from King Kong,” added.

It should be recalled that he experienced a flop in 2018 after he held a concert at Kyadondo Rugby grounds.

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