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Geosteady attacks Mr. Henry over baby mama Prima Kardashi

Singer Geosteady is not about to give up on his baby mama Prima Kardashi and protecting the daughters they had together.

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady were together for more than 10 yeaars but they separated in 2020 after Geosteady sired a child outside their marriage.

Prima moved on so fast and she fell in love with Mr. Henry of which their relationship went public.

Per now Prima and Mr. Henry are not together leaving Geosteady happy and protecting Prima in any way he can.

He went on social media and revealed how he is not friends with Mr. Henry and he doesn’t want the rumors making rounds on social media.

“I’m ain’t Henrie’s friend neither his enemy i just feel sorry for his career.”

Galaxy fm play me OSANYUKANGAKO by Geosteady as a pay back than spreading this false info trying to pull my BABY MAMA down.

That fool simanya BALAAM Bob alinga amatako sagala mazzi gagusajja ogwo komanina destroying brands,” Geosteady posted

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