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Jose Chameleon asks Ugandan artistes not to dare boycott Nigerian music

Jose Chameleone is one of the most thriving legendary musicians in Uganda. He recently announced his “Gwanga Mujje” concert and it is anticipated to attract hundreds of partiers to Lugogo Cricket Oval in February next.

Unlike other musicians who are unhappy with Nigerian music dominance, Chameleone thinks it’s unfair to protest against their music because they work hard to be where they are.

He urged Ugandan artists to try and penetrate the Nigerian market.

“We can’t boycott other people’s music because we also go to their countries. Those who say that Nigerians have dominated our industry, it is just their opinion. I also travel to Congo, Tanzania, Nigeria, and so many other countries to perform. It is a form of music exchange but we need to plan for a way to have a fair trade so that our music also gets to be played in their country often.
In this era, you can no longer say that you’re going to boycott music from other nations. Even when we do so, it will still infiltrate us through social media platforms whether we like it or not,” Jose Chameleone said.

Chameleone is one of the artists that ended the Congolese music dominance in Uganda in the early 2000s.

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