Kasuku reveals why he keeps his wife out of media

TV presenter Douglas Lwanga has begged fellow media personality, Kasuku to start moving with his woman so that people get to know her.

Lwanga requested him during his show on YouTube.

“You should start hosting your woman as well so that she shares her views on various issues in the country,” he said.

“I prefer to keep her behind the curtains. What she would have said, I say it all,” Kasuku responded.

Andrew Kyamagero who was also appearing on the show said Kasuku has an old-school mentality.

“The idea of keeping women behind the kitchen is archaic. In this era, we all can sit together as equals,” Kyamagero said but Kasuku wasn’t convinced.

Kasuku is known to flirt with other women even when he says he has a lady at home.

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