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Police in Hunt of City Socialite Sipapa

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim is on Uganda Police’s list of Most Wanted for stealing Shs1.6 billion in addition to other valuables.

According to Police, rhe robbery occurred at rhe home of Jacob Arok, a South Sudanese national, of Kawuku zone, in Bunga, on the night of 28th-29th August 2022.

Police says thieves broke into the home after applying suspected chloroform on the occupants who were asleep.

They then robbed cash $429,000 (approximately Shs 1.6b) 4 iPhones, 2 Apple laptops, a DELL laptop, gold jewellery for his wife, a 65 Samsung TV among others.

During the investigations, Police tracked down an icloud signal from one of the stolen phones.

This led then right to Sipapa’s home in Kityo close, Buwate in Kira division.
At Sipapa’s home, they found rhe items that had been stolen from Arok.

These include $70,000, 4 Iphones, 3 laptops, gold jewellery, an IPhone charger, a mac pro charger.

However, Sipapa was not at home as he had allegedly travelled to Tororo.

Police has since launched a manhunt for the controversial Socialite.

It should be remembered that Sipapa was also arrested in June last year and detained at the Special Investigations Unit- Kireka for over a week for crimes related to robbery but was later released.

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