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Did Zaake throw away speaker Anita Among’s money? Here’s the whole truth

MP Francis Zaake’s wedding that happened on the 9th of September has really dominated the news up to now on social media.

This is partly to reports that Zaake threw away Shs 10m given to him as a wedding contribution by the Speaker.

It’s reported that this money was delivered to the MP by Ndorwa East MP, Hon Wilfred Niwagaba.

And on being told that it was from Among, Zaake threw it away to the ground a thing that has been subject to social media debate.

Many wondered why Zaake would invite the Speaker and then do such a despicable thing.

A circulating invitation letter shows that Zaake indeed invited Among to this wedding.

However, due to her heavy schedule, the Bukedea woman MP couldn’t make it but rather sent a contribution.

It’s also said that she had earlier given Zaake a wedding contribution of about Shs 20m which he gladly accepted

Zaake has now come out to give his side of the story.

THE MP said that he didn’t at any one time invite Among to his wedding.

He therefore didn’t need her contribution.

“Disregard this forged invitation letter. I did not invite the Speaker of


to my wedding. I didn’t need, seek or receive any financial contribution from her. I won’t ask the author of the false tweet to prove her allegations — she can’t prove what doesn’t exist.”

It seems indeed Zaake threw away the money although it’s reported that his father picked up this money.

Zaake and Among are not the best of friends and have actually clashed a number of times in Parliament which even saw Zaake deposed from his Commissioner of Parliament role

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