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Doreen Kabarebe trolled by social media as her bushy hairs peeps out during photoshoot

Don’t joke with Ugandans because no matter who you think you are, they will always troll you in case of any slight fault.

This was the same with model Doreen Kabarebe who is so full of confidence especially when it comes to exposing her n#dity all in the name of modeling.

She took to her Twitter page to post a picture from her recent photoshoot.

As if directing it to her haters, she captioned it saying that everyone at one point is going to be buried 6 feet under the ground.

Therefore those who think they are mighty, they are not as they think.

Soon as she posted the photo in a swim suit, tweets proceeded to linger all over it and they noticed something.

This was Doreen Kabareebe’s bushy hairs that were peeping out of this swimsuit.

Many couldn’t believe that someone of her statute can’t afford a proper shaver.

These proceeded to advise to stop shaving using razor blades but rather use good quality shavers.

Well that’s Ugandan social media for you. Its where you find all the fun and can’t take a day stressed unless if your offline.

Maybe she next time she will properly shave and make sure that her animal is just as good looking as her face.

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