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Video: Partiers already having the time of their lives at Nyege Nyege Festival

Partiers are already having a blast and a time of their lives down at Itanda Falls in Jinja.

The festival which officially kicked off yesterday 15th September will end on Sunday 18th 2022.

However according to what’s coming out of the area, revellers are already having a time of their lives.

Videos and photos that have so far been uploaded on social media explain why different stake holders fought so hard to see the festival reinstated after the ban that had been initiated by Parliament.

It’s pretty clear that by the end of this festival, lots of crazy things will have gone down as this is just the start of everything.

And we shall keep you updated with every bit of whatever goes down as more action is set and expected to go down.

The festival is one where there are lots of sexuak activities going down .

In fact while banning it, Parliament gave sexual immorality as one of the major reasons why it had to be scrapped.

However just as everything has its faults, there have been those out there criticizing the festival such as MP David Kabanda.

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