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Video: Ugandan movie actor Sseruyira ‘panga-d’ down at Nyege Nyege Festival

A video has been making rounds on social media showing how famous Ugandan movie actor Sseruyira Earnest was pierced with a machete.

A video posted on MP David Kabanda’s Twitter page who has been criticizing the Festival showed Sseruyira with a panga through his stomach and blood all over his clothes.

Some colleagues of his were seen crying as they escorted him around looking for the nearest health facility.

With reported high criminal records at the Nyege Nyege Festival where revellers were beaten and robbed by goons, many concluded that Sseruyira wasn’t spared either.

However, this seemed all like a stunt after a press release from Pearlwood said that this was indeed a stunt and never real.

The actor who is a common face in some of the Ugandan action movies from Wakaliwood was only showing reverllers how such scenes are performed.

People were however caught unaware including the Red Cross society and other health units which tried to act quick and give him help.

Policewas also notified which came and arrested him.

Tje statement however ordered Police to release Sseruyira Earnest as soon as possible.

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