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Video: Singer Victor Kamenyo thumps wife

A video has been making rounds on social media showing local rapper Victor Kamenyo beating up his woman.

This video was recorded by ne standing above in the apartment where it seems the couple lives.

The woman can be seen running out of the house with the Nduulu singer following her.

The two then get exchanged in a physical altercation as they pull each other and exchange blows.

She then proceeds to run out of through the gate moving outside.

This did not Kamenyo who continued running after her.

It’s not yet clear why the couple was involved in this physical altercation as neither of them have yet come out to reveal what’s going on between them.

Victor Kamenyo has in the past few seen both his musical and political swim down to oblivion.

He no longer has music and is one of the faded musicians while a try in politics last year showed him that it’s not his calling for now.

Meanwhile he’s not the first artist to be involved in such domestic violence wrangles.

A while ago Goodlyf singer Weasel Manizo was indicated in such a mess too.

The Ebyana singer mercilessly thumped his baby mama Sandra Teta.

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