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VIDEO: Ndejje University double tapes unearthed here

Social media users have been in disbelief since yesterday after news that an adult tape from Ndejje University had found its way to social media.

Many have searching for the video since then pleading with those who have accessed it already to kindly share with them.

However it should be noted that the video is not only just one but rather they are two.

In the first video, it’s actually an orgy. The culprits can be seen in a room vibing to Sheebah Karungi’s music.

One of the guys can be seen coming up with his hard cassava ready to pound the already high girl’s beans.

This is as the others in the room cheer him on. As a pro, he first uses his hand to slash the girl’s Mediterranean sea waters as they splash as far as to Europe.

He then brings out his sharpened weapon and starts eating things on a silver spoon as the recipient hisses like a wounded python.

The other girl in the room asks the othe guy in the room roo if he’s h0rny too and would like to engage in nonstop action with her to which rhe guy gladly accepts.

However, luckily for them their faces are not visible.

In the second Ndejje video, the girl’s face is clear and it seems like she was high and even had no time to take off her undergarments.

The guy started right away pounding her left right and centre and she surely loved her honeypot being devoured by her man.

She clenches her teeth and tightens her fits as she enjoys being taken to paradise by the guy’s big cassava.

Click here for more video 1

Click here video 2

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