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Video: Njakusamba ebyo ebinyo- Winnie Nwagi threatens fan

If you don’t fear Swangz Avenue singer Winfred Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi, then you haven’t been to one of her concerts.

Despite being beautiful, curvy and extra talented, the Malaika singer can strike terror into your soul with just one word.

Over time, she’s become renowned for her notoriety and ‘I don’t care attitude.’

Despite being one of the most indecently dressed artists, she doesn’t like her privacy being infringed upon especially if she’s on stage.

A few years back she smashed a revellers phone in the UK who was trying to video tape her gigantic bean.

Since then, she’s clashed with partiers trying to have a sneak peak at her goodies but the moment she nabs them, it’s when they know that gangsters exist.

It was the same case during one of her recent performances when a fan tried to record her.

However, Nwagi saw her which angered her and she angrily told him to go away from where he was lest she would kick the hell out of him.

“Gwe vvawo awo, genda eri, njakusamba ebyo ebinyo,” Nwagi warned him which drew cheers from the audience.

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