VIDEO: Lydia Jazmine leaked tape breaks the internet

News has been circulating on social media

There is an alleged video of singer Lydia Jazmine making rounds on social media.

This one seems to have wiped away the one of Ndejje students which has been trending for tje past few days.

According to social media users, the video has already leaked of the Kapeesa singer’s land title being plugged so hard that she screams her lungs out.

And who wouldn’t want to see the singer bare without anything on her.

She’s arguably one of the most beautiful singer’s in the industry plus being the sexiest.

Jazmine has severally teased her social media followers with naughty and raunchy pics.

“But who has the Lydia Jazmine video??”

“After Ndejje,….then Lydia Jazmine released a hit video,” one user said.

“Someone send me Lydia Jazmine Video.”

“The way pipo are looking for the Lydia Jazmine video,you may thing it’s another Harry Potter release.”

“This video of lydia jazmine.. ehhh my lord. You guys need to watch it,” one social media user confirmed to have watched the video.

The news of the video has been trending although the video can’t be found.

We tried to look for the video but couldn’t find anything.

So for now there is no video of Jazmine. We shall deliver it in case we land on it.

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