VIDEO: Lydia Jazmine’s video out

News has been making rounds on social media about how songstress Lydia Jazmine has an adult video that leaked inline.

This has seen different social media sites up in commotion as they can’t wait for it to circulate.

Many of these are still digging up for the video but can’t find any.

And it indeed seems the Kapeesa singer is clean when it comes to such tapes and if she’s got any out there, she sure better know how to keep it safe because the moment it surfaces onto the internet, it will be the end of her.

This is because many people are so badly waiting for her.

But wait, a local saying goes that ‘kagyenda busha niyombi” which can be translated as half a loaf is better than no bread.

We have something to cool and quench off your thirst for this Jazmine video although its not as explicit as you thought.

In this video, the singer is seen with all her panties out as her long thigh slit dress does very little to cover it up.

Her red panties can be seen as she flashes it allover. Plus she also looks wasted from heavy drinking and is seen dancing dirty with a female friend.

Her ‘male best’ who was the performer of the night comes out to feel her juicy booty as rhe night dances away.

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