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Is Fresh Daddy innocent of the accused rape case? Here is the whole truth

Musician Fresh Daddy has been under fire for allegedly raping an upcoming musician, Ndagire, 17. She had earlier alleged he took advantage of her need to become a star.

She was introduced to Fresh Daddy with the promise that he would become her manager and invest in her music career.

“I had a song and needed 200k to record the audio. Fresh Daddy said he would finance my career, but he instead took me to a lodge in Busega and forced me to have sex with him,” the girl narrated.

She said Fresh Daddy gave her Shs 10,000 after raping her but they stayed in touch and kept making more promises.

She said she has evidence of their conversations over the phone.
In a video seen by Howwe, Fresh Daddy showers her with praises and says seeing her face makes him weak in the knees.

“You are so beautiful. Can you please come home,” he says in the video.

However, in a twist of events, she has denied
being sexually assaulted by Fresh Daddy.

In a video making rounds on social media, she confessed that it was just a build-up to Fresh Daddy’s new song.
“He has never assaulted me. He has a new song and we were just practicing,” Ndagire denied the earlier allegations.

Fresh Daddy had earlier come out to refute the allegations.
“Please everything you are hearing about me is not true. I am a parent and father so I know how to treat a girl child is,” he said.

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