Video: Jowie steals Dr Cephco’s money

An audio video clip has been making rounds on social media involving famous TikTok couple Dr Cephco and Jowie.

The two lovebirds can be heard involved in some financial theft case.

According to the voices heard, Jowie is heard being interrogated on where she put the money.

This is about a million shillings that was supposed to be paid to a passport official.

Jowie was supposed to pay about 2.1m shillings but only paid 1.1m shillings and swindled the other 1m.

Another woman who is supposedly close to tje pair and has a hand in the money is the one heard asking Howie as she stammers to reveal the whereabouts of the money.

Cephco can also be heard mercifully pleading with his girlfriend to tell them where she put the money but it looks like she chewed it.

The pair has this year been involved in some mess such as jail, nudes, infidelity, breaking up among others.

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