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Video: Famous Western Uganda radio presenter video tape surfaces

The public in western Uganda and social media users have been left shocked after one of the popular radio presenters in the region had their dirty video surface on the internet.

This incident happened in Kyegegwa district found in the Tooro subregion.

The culprit is known as Peterson Nickson the managing director of Britop FM.

In this video making rounds on social media, Peterson is seen arousing himself until his cassava bulges.

He then talks to himself sweet nothings as he massages his animal as if he wanted to send the video to someone.

It’s said that the journalist is very notorious when it comes to such behavior and its not the first time he’s indicted in such unbecoming acts.

Sources say that he committed a very atrocious taboo in Tooro culture and Uganda at large after marrying a very close relative of his.

Sources also further state that Nickson wanted to send this video to pornographic websites abroad to earn himself a lot of money that his role at Britop FM can’t fetch him.

Other sources say that he was targeting gay men that were coming for the recent Nyege Nyege Festival and wanted to bend his butt to them.

When contacted, Peterson said that some politicians are witchhunting him after he made clear his intentions of running for the Kyegegwa Parliamentary seat.

His fellow journalists under the Kyegegwa Journalist Association however also said that they are shocked to see their chairman engage in such behavior.

We couldn’t upload the video here for terms and policies because of it’s X-rated nature. It’s however on

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